Friday, December 7, 2007

Brad Pitt is OK in our book

Say what you will about narcissistic, vain and selfish celebrities, but don't you dare say that about Mr. Brad Pitt. No you can't say that about him because he is putting his money where his mouth is. He says that he loves New Orleans and he is proving it, he and his partner Angelina Jolie, have not only bought a home here, he has also initiated a project to help others obtain new homes after theirs were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Pitt has created the Make It Right (MIR) project to build "green affordable housing on a large scale to help victims of Hurricane Katrina." What a great thing to do for the people of New Orleans. We love the whole concept but we especially love the "green" part.

For more information on the Make It Right project go to their Web site:
The Make It Right (MIR) project site

Some of the positive press the story has received:
Times-Picayune story here
CNN story here
USA Today story here

As one commenter on the TP's site said, "Brad Pitt for Mayor!" We could do worse. Oh right, we already did.

Thanks Brad.