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For information on all the opportunities to get involved in the New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club and the Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club throughout Louisiana, check out:

Our Calendar page: or at the Calendar Tab above
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Our Blog:
The Delta (Louisiana) Chapter home page:
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If you want opportunities for action at the New Orleans Group or Delta Chapter level in conservation, legislative, political and other areas,
check out the Delta Chapter's Web site at:

Some of these include:

Membership Coordinator - Work with a team to communicate with our new and existing members. Find out what their interests are and do fun stuff like social events and informational programs.
Outings Coordinator - Work with a team to help develop state-wide recreational outings program. Our outings strive to link members and the public with places of past and current environmental concern, as an enlightening outreach into the struggle and necessity to sustain environmental conservation in our state. National Sierra Club training is required and available online. Will be asked to recruit group level outings leaders and to organize at least one state-wide retreat or outing per year.
Volunteer Administrative Assistant to the Chair - Work with the Chapter Chair to do communications and tracking of environmental issues.
Fundraising - Working with Group or Chapter leaders and Treasurers to organize and promote fundraising opportunities and develop Annual Funding Appeal letter.

Join a chapter committee:
Atchafalaya and Forest Protection
Legislative Committee - This committee will help us to follow proposed legislation during the Louisiana legislative session.
Conservationist's Voter Guide Committee - This committee will develop a voter guide outlining specific Louisiana conservation issues and offer questions for voters to use in evaluating candidates on those issues.
If you are ready to help we can match your interest with functions that will help Sierra Club Delta Chapter to be effective. Contact Woody Martin at 337-298-8380 or