Friday, June 10, 2016

June Meeting on Louisiana Scenic Rivers

Orleans Sierra Club presents: Louisiana Scenic Rivers

In 1970, the Louisiana Legislature created the Louisiana Natural and Scenic Rivers System. The System was developed for the purpose of preserving, protecting, developing, reclaiming, and enhancing the wilderness qualities, scenic beauties, and ecological regimes of certain free-flowing Louisiana streams.

I will present a brief introduction to our program, providing information on the Scenic Rivers Act and a summary of our rules and regulations. I'll also spend time discussing some of the recreational opportunities that our Florida Parish streams provide. In addition, I'll present information on many of the threats these streams face as well as some of the steps our program is taking to protect these resources.

Additional information on Louisiana Natural and Scenic River System can be found at

Matt Weigel

Audubon Nature Institute Dominion Auditorium
Free and open to all
6:30 PM refreshments 7 PM program
Call 504-307-0187 for information.