Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yummy! Blueberry Picking, Poplarville, MS

When: Saturday, June 27
Event: Blueberry Picking, Poplarville, MS
Where to Meet: At Audubon Zoo Parking lot, (near main zoo entrance) to car
Meeting Time: 7:30 am

Sierra Contacts:
You must register for all Sierra trips in advance by contacting either:
Vance Levesque 504-529-2089 mrkahuna@juno.com; or
Barry Kohl at 504-861-8465, bkohl40@cs.com.

Our Third Blueberry Season:

Dig up your favorite recipe for bluberry pie or cobbler. Join us as we
head over the Louisiana border into Mississippi to pick organically-grown
blueberries at a farm near Poplarville, MS. We will visit the Tara Blueberry
Farm, hear a brief talk about the farm's organic operation, and then set you
loose to pick to your heart’s content. The bushes are tall and there is
adequate shade early in the morning.

The weather is likely to be hot. Please bring sunscreen, plenty of water,
and a hat that will keep you well shaded. The farm does not recommend
wearing sandals while you are picking. Also, they provide buckets to pick with,
so you need not worry about bringing your own. The blueberry bushes are
quite high and offer shade when picking them. The area is wooded with
blueberry meadows in between - a rather pleasant area of rolling hills.

Finally, the farm only accepts cash or check, so don't plan on using the
plastic! It is $10 a gallon and it is best if you have the exact amount in
cash. You may want to bring a cooler to store your blueberries for the trip
home if it is a hot day.

For those coming separately, we'll meet at the farm around 9 am. We will
pick some blueberries and eat lunch (pack your own lunch and drinks) then
carpool back to New Orleans to arrive back to the parking lot at Audubon Zoo at
about 2pm.

The blueberries run $10 per gallon, so get out that blueberry pie recipe
and clear some space in your freezer. See website at:

For more information about the farm:
Phone: (601) 403-8272
Tara Blueberry Farm
257 Langnecker Rd,
Poplarville, MS 39470

Monday, June 1, 2009

Group Program Sunday June 14: Wild India

Wild India: The Birds, Mammals and People of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Joelle Finley, acclaimed biologist and popular birder and world traveler, will speak and show her fabulous photos of her amazing journey in India, from lowlands to the Himalayas.
Sunday, June 14, Refreshments and snacks at 6:30 PM. Program begins at 7 PM. The meeting will be at the Audubon Zoo Nims Center (not the Dominion Auditorium this time but in the same complex). Go through the gate behind the Audubon statue at the front of the zoo and turn left. Parking is safe and plentiful. For more info call Charles Pfeifer, program chair at 504-780-8889.