Friday, March 16, 2007

Recycling e-action

Help the Sierra Club Bring Back the Blue Bins!

17 months after Katrina, the city is facing massive challenges: Rebuilding, crime, little affordable housing, expanded landfills, and not enough classes for school-children. Despite these problems, the city is signing fat contracts for automated twice-weekly garbage pickup and a Disney-fied French Quarter. Meanwhile, the city has done nothing to reinstate curb-side recycling, despite the energy savings, and reduced need for landfill space that recycling provides.

Please visit this website to send a message to the Mayor and City Council leaders Oliver Thomas and Arnie Fielkow and demand action:

Web campaign tool provided by the Gulf Restoration Network.

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praglen said...

I have been in a number of European and Asian countries in over a decade. Many cities have a different recycling program, which is both effective and less expensive than curbside recycling. They put three large bins: plastic, paper and glass in the middle of each block(one side only). Residents can put their waste inside the bins, which are picked up once a week. This saves the cost of buying and dropping off individual bins to each house and apartment and allows for fewer pickups - one per block, saving labor. It works!