Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sierra Club to Mark Katrina Anniversary with Report: “New Orleans Green Building Assessment”

New Orleans – Approaching the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, the Sierra Club will release a new report analyzing the green rebuilding efforts under way in New Orleans. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina has provided the city of New Orleans with a unique opportunity to develop a national model for rebuilding green.

This “New Orleans Green Building Assessment” examines the current and former green building efforts in New Orleans, noting partnerships and potential strategies for improvement throughout. This assessment documents and merges the disparate green building efforts into one central location and successfully fulfilled its stated goals. Moving forward, this document provides a foundation for the city to develop a “best practices” model for rebuilding green, focusing on the city’s existing and emerging partnerships.

Contact: Darryl Malek-Wiley, Sierra Club
504-861-4836 (O)
504-427-1885 (C)

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