Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Program: "Pearl River Monitoring Project: Louisiana and Mississippi"

Date: Sunday, March 14, 2010, 7pm,
Place: Audubon Zoo, Dominion Auditorium,
6500 Magazine St, New Orleans
Program: "Pearl River Monitoring Project: Louisiana and Mississippi"
Sponsor: Sierra Club, New Orleans Group

Sierra Club, New Orleans Group presents a program entitled:

"Pearl River Monitoring Project: Geomorphic and Sediment Assessment in Louisiana and Mississippi"

by Dr. Tom Kennedy, The Nature Conservancy

The Pearl River is a highly significant watershed in the southeastern United States, supporting a large array of habitats and diversity of aquatic fauna as well as providing an essential resource for drinking, industrial use, and recreation for the public.

The Pearl River monitoring project, identified as a high priority need in conservation planning efforts, was completed in fall 2009 by the Louisiana Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. Field work was conducted from the Ross Barnett Reservoir to the Lake Borgne. Bank condition and stability, as well as sediment profiles at strategic locations, were measured and evaluated along this length of river. Results of the assessment will be discussed as well as recommendations for future directions to conserve this natural resource and the biological biodiversity it supports.

The Sierra Club program will be in the Dominion Auditorium at Audubon Zoo (6500 Magazine St). The doors open at 6:30 pm with refreshments. The program starts at 7pm. The Dominion Auditorium is near the front entrance to the zoo. Go in the gate upriver from the main public entrance. A Sierra Club banner will be posted near the entrance.

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David said...

Sorry I was not able to attend this program. The traffic on River Road was stopped I guess for a zoo event. It would have been much past 7 p.m. [the stated starting time]. Is there a phone # to call when there is a traffic delay--to see if the start will be delayed?