Sunday, June 3, 2012

Group Program Sunday June 10 - How the North American continent was explored by canoe

How the North American continent was explored by canoe. Byron Almquist will present a program showing how explorers used canoes to explore North America during its early history. Lewis & Clark are famous examples but there are many more.

For about two hundred years numerous Frenchmen and a few British and Americans explored the North American continent by the most economical means possible - a canoe. Intrepid individuals such as Joliet, LaSalle, McKenzie and Lewis and Clark all used canoes to travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to explore this newly discovered continent. Who were the explorers, where did they go and what did they find? How did their individual discoveries fit into the big picture of what North America was like? The talk will be illustrated with maps and photos.

Audubon Zoo, Dominion Auditorium. Enter gate to far right of main public entrance and behind statue of Audubon. Parking is plentiful and safe. Call (504) 307-0187 with any questions. The program is free and open to everyone. Refreshments at 6:30 pm. Program 7 to 8 pm. The public is welcome to attend, and bring a friend!

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